Ways to help St. John Lutheran Church and School

1. Save Chief register receipts and turn into the school for a .05% return back to the school. The receipts need to say “Good Neighbor”. The program runs September through June.

2. Save ink or toner cartridges for Office Depot/Office Max, Staples for each cartridge to defray the cost of office supplies. Collection boxes are in the south entrance area.
3. http://www.shopwithscrip.com. Call our Business Administrators office at 419-782-5766 ext 3 for the enrollment code.
Receive a percentage off the gift cards and apply to your account to defray your tuition etc. Contact Krystle Adams, our Business Administrator, for more information. If you do not have a child attending St. John you can designate the amount earned to another family that is attending St. John.

4. When purchasing products at Office Depot/Office Max give them this number: 70078146. Five percent (5%) is returned back to St. John Lutheran School.
5. Goodsearch.com or Goodshop.com. Sign up and for every search or any shopping you do on line a percentage is given back to St. John Lutheran Church and School. Sign-up today and help us earn FREE MONEY!!!!

6. Kroger Rewards. Sign-up under Kroger Community Rewards online Kroger Community Rewards makes fund-raising easy…all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card! Don’t forget to choose St. John Lutheran Church/School.

7. Thrivent Choice Dollars. To be eligible to direct Choice Dollars as part of Thrivent Choice®, you must be a client with benefit membership.
Individual eligibility is also based on at least one of the following: • Having $750 or more in annual billed premiums of qualifying life and health insurance products.
• Having $20,000 or more in contract value of qualifying life insurance and annuity products.  Eligibility is determined monthly and reevaluated on an annual basis.
Minimum and maximum Choice Dollars designations
Eligible clients will be designated a minimum of 25 Choice Dollars and a maximum of 5,000 Choice Dollars per eligibility period (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31).
Choice Dollars expiration date
Choice Dollars designated during the calendar year can be directed until March 31 of the following year.
8. Which Thrivent clients are eligible to lead Thrivent Action Teams?
All Thrivent clients with membership are eligible to lead a Thrivent Action Team. However, the number of teams each client can lead per year depends on membership type. Clients with benefit membership are eligible to lead two Thrivent Action Teams per calendar year, and clients with associate membership are eligible to lead one per calendar year.
Eligibility for Thrivent Action Teams is based on mutuality between Thrivent and its clients. By owning insurance products, clients with benefit membership contribute to the tax-exempt funds that are needed to operate Thrivent’s client activities. Thrivent recognizes that contribution by allowing clients with benefit membership the opportunity to lead additional Thrivent Action Teams.

How old do I need to be to lead a Thrivent Action Team?

The minimum age to lead a Thrivent Action Team is 16 years old.

Should I purchase or retain insurance or annuity products so I can lead more Thrivent Action Teams?

No. Thrivent has many unique advantages as a fraternal benefit society, including our ability to make a positive impact with clients in their communities and congregations. While we want everyone to experience giving back through Thrivent Action Teams, you should never purchase or retain any insurance or annuity products simply to lead a Thrivent Action Team. You should only purchase and keep the insurance and annuity products that best meet the financial security needs of you and your family.
I need inspiration! Where can I find ideas on leading a Thrivent Action Team?
The Thrivent Action Teams Hub is a digital platform where clients have shared their amazing projects. Spend some time exploring others’ projects for inspiration. The Generosity Starts Here document also provides great ideas to get you started!
Can my fundraiser, service activity or educational project support any organization?

We love seeing our clients support an organization or a cause they are passionate about! Remember, we want you and your team to take action within the community rather than directly giving or granting the Community Impact Card to the organization you are supporting. To see if a project can be associated with a specific organization, you can search organizations in the Thrivent Choice® catalog. Organizations eligible for Thrivent Choice may be eligible for Thrivent Action Teams.
How do I know my project idea is a good fit for the program?

If you can answer “yes” to all of the following questions, a Thrivent Action Team would likely work well for your project.
  • Does the project benefit the community where you live, work or worship? Thrivent Action Teams are not intended to be self-benefiting for you or your immediate family.
  • Will you, the client applying, actively contribute to the success of the project? Thrivent Action Teams should not be “donated” to others for implementation. We want our client leaders to be actively participating in the generosity of this program.
  • Are you and your volunteers contributing time and talent to make a difference in your community? If there is no volunteer activity involved, and you’re instead looking for a gifting/granting program, you can make an online personal donation to enrolled organizations through the Thrivent Choice program. Thrivent covers the processing fees, which means 100% of your donation goes to help. And, if eligible, you can direct Thrivent Choice Dollars®.
  • Are you the only client kickstarting this specific project through a Thrivent Action Team? We want to ensure generosity is spread in our clients’ communities. Thrivent Action Teams are meant to kickstart a generosity project and shouldn’t be combined with other clients’ projects to fund the entirety of a single large project.