WINTER 2021 LIFE WITH GOD begins this Monday, January 11, in the Adult Bible Study A room.  Does God exist?  What happens after death?  Why are there so many different religions?  Can the Bible be trusted?  Why do bad things happen to me?  St. John’s “Life with God” explores and answers these questions.  This class is for anyone who desires to become a member of St. John Lutheran Church or those who want to support those attending.  This is also for those who simply desire to renew their faith or explore the basic teachings of Christianity and Lutheranism.  We ask that participants attend 10/12 classes.  Contact the church office or see Pastor Mews to sign up.  BLUE forms are available in the church office or will be found inside the December Epistle. 
For more information call the church at 419-782-5766 or email Pastor Mews at