FALL 2019 St. John Lutheran church LIFE WITH GOD: Starting, September 9, 2019.
Does God exist? What happens after death? Why are there so many different religions? Can the Bible be trusted? Why do bad things happen to me? I want to learn more about Lutheranism and become a member of a Christian Church. St. John’s “Life with God,” explores and answers these questions and more in an informal, enjoyable, yet beneficial way through a 12 session/week course called “Life with God.” Sign up below, we ask that participants attend 10/12 classes and there are videos over each class that can be viewed for missed classes. For those who complete this course they can become communicant members if they desire. Life with God will be offered each Winter, Spring and Fall. St. John members are asked to attend a “Life with God,” class once every five years to renew and refresh their faith!


TOPICS: Evidence for God’s existence, Saving Faith, Baptism, The Lord’s Supper, The Bible, Law and Gospel, Living a Christian Life, Being a part of the Body of Believers at St. John, Good Works, The Ten Commandments, Worship, Christian Stewardship. Come to learn and grow together. DATES: Monday, September 9 to Monday, November 25, 2019. Classes are held on Monday evenings in the Adult Bible Study room from 6:30-8:30 P.M.. Bring nothing, on the last class we will bring refreshments to share. After the 2nd class, no new class members are to join.


TEACHERS: Pastor Mews and/or Pastor Luhring. Both have extensive experience teaching these classes. FOR: Adults or High School students desiring to be members of St. John Lutheran Church, or those who want to support those attending. This is also for those who simply desire to renew their faith or explore the basic teachings of Christianity and Lutheranism.
REGISTRATION: To be turned in to the church office by Monday, September 9 or hand to a pastor.
Fall 2019 St. John Lutheran Church  “Life with God” Registration form: Name:____________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________ Phone Number:______________________ 
Email Address: _____________________________________
Baptized: Circle  Yes   No   Current Church Membership:________________________________________
Check those which apply;
______I plan to attend Life with God and my desire is to become a communicant member of St. John. ______I plan to attend Life with God to renew my faith and/or to support a friend attending.  
______I plan to attend Life with God to simply explore and learn about Christianity and Lutheranism.
____   _I plan to attend Life with God and will decide later about possible membership.
Other thoughts or concerns;
For more information call the church at 419-782-5766 or email Pastor Luhring at or Pastor Mews at