Week of August 13-19, 2017


HOLY COMMUNION will be celebrated next weekend in all services in the Church with individual cups.


Here at St. John Lutheran Church, we believe, teach and confess that the bread and wine we eat and drink at Holy Communion is the true body and blood of our Lord Jesus. Jesus is truly present in this meal giving us the benefits He won for us on the cross: forgiveness of sins, life and salvation. Holy Communion is also a meal that expresses unity in faith and belief among those who partake in it. Because of this, and because those who eat and drink unworthily do so to their great harm, we ask those of you with us who are guests and visitors to this church to please speak to one of the pastors or elders before communing. Please leave the grape juice for those with special medical needs and have spoken to pastors. Thank you and may God bless you in worship today!



The altar flowers this weekend are given by Bill and Roberta Phlipot in loving memory of Monie Barth, whose birthday was August 21, and in honor of Naomi Link whose birthday is August 22.



The Happy Custodians, Mike and Bill, would like to thank all the people that have sent cards and stopped them to tell them how shiny the floors are and how they appreciate all that they are doing for the church and school. Mr. Bill has one area to do yet. He is asking for volunteers to help move the furniture out of Tiger’s Den and their office on Friday, August 25 around 5:45 p.m. He will also need help on Sunday, August 27 around 2:00 p.m. to move the furniture back into the rooms. If you have any questions or would like to help, please contact Bill at (419)789-9405.



All preschool parents are asked to attend a parent meeting on Monday, August 14, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the church sanctuary. Parents will proceed to the gym to complete required paperwork. If you have a child in K – 8 also, you can attend the back-to-school event scheduled for Thursday, August 17. Please let Mrs. Kosmerchock know if you are attending the later time. Thank you.



All parents K-8 are asked to come to school any time between 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 17, for the back-to-school event. Families will begin in the gym and receive instructions. They will complete paperwork, meet the teachers and bring in supplies. After the punch card is filled, families will enjoy a surprise in the lunch room. The goal is to give families time to complete required paperwork during this time. Preschool parents can bring their supplies and return paperwork during this time as well. If you have any questions, please contact the school office at (419)782-1751. We look forward to seeing you!



The school is hiring an administrative assistant position beginning in September due to Mrs. Kemper’s retiring as of October 13. The individual should be accomplished in Computer programs – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Databases; Social Media – Facebook and Web Design; able to learn new computer programs like FastDirect and willing to help out where needed. For an application, stop in the school office. 



This position will work with our Kindergarten – 2nd grade classrooms and their teachers. This position is Monday – Friday and will work with students, oversee recess and assist teachers. It is part-time up to 29.5 hours per week. If interested, please stop in the school office and complete and application. The start date is August 25.



Defiance City Schools has posted a 15 hour per week Title 1 Teacher position for St. John Lutheran School for the 2017-2018 school year. If interested, please contact Mrs. Kosmerchock and she will forward your name to Mrs. Sheri Steyer at the Defiance City Schools. This position needs to be filled by the start of school. Salary is based upon experience.



St. John Lutheran is hiring a teacher for 10 hours per week to teach 4

th grade Language Arts. If interested, contact Mrs. Kosmerchock this week. Interviews will be held next week. This person could fill both the Title 1 and 4th grade Language Arts positions. Call Mrs. Kosmerchock for more information. Salary is based upon experience.



This position is for our child care center. The aide position assists the teacher supervising students and leading activities. If you enjoy working with children, you will be a good fit. Hours are flexible. Stop in the school and complete an application.



The hand bell group will have practices starting on Wednesday, September 6, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. We play about once a month in the traditional services. We need a few more ringers. Reading of the music is not a requirement, but a sense of rhythm and timing is important. If you have any questions, please contact Lorna Smith via e-mail, lornaandwalt@gmail.com or by phone at (419)782-7465.



A new season of choir will be starting soon. Please consider joining our singing family! We welcome all skill levels. Our first practice will be Wednesday, September 6, at 6:30 p.m. in the school library. Practices last about one hour. We work hard, but we also have fun. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Darci Van Vlerah at (419)980-1435. Come and join us!



Social Welfare is the ability to extend a helping hand to someone that is having a rough time whether it is financial or personal. Life’s problems happen to all of our families from time to time. Our Christian responsibility is to extend a hand of help to those in need.


At St. John Lutheran Church we have that ability to help through our ministry programs, such as Stephen Ministry and the Clothes Closet. We also have the Food Pantry/Social Welfare programs that are monitored by the Board of Elders. St. John Lutheran Church has established guidelines through which we can finically help our members in need. If you have a need, please contact the church office for more information, (419) 782-5766.


However, Social Welfare does not stop at our church doors or only for our congregation. It extends into the community. When you have the ability to help, we as Christians must assist those in need of this help.


The Board of Elders recently met with the director of Ravens Care Inc. to better understand their Social Welfare program.  Ravens Care was originally started in 1993 by area Pastors and churches to extend that helping hand.  There was and still is a need in the Defiance area to help our community. Ravens Care is a Christian Ministry dedicated to meet needs in the community that are not being met by other agencies. Ravens Care is a cooperative care Ministry of the Defiance Churches, serving to assist people in emergency need situations in the County.  We will be participating with Ravens Care beginning August 2017 for a trial period of 1 year.


We are very fortunate and blessed to have a Social Welfare program and a Food Pantry that not only help our St. John Lutheran Church families, but reaches out into the community. If you wish to donate to either fund please designate social welfare or food pantry. 

Reaching out in the community is a great and wonderful way of continuing the love of God as in
I Kings 17:4-6: When God sent the Ravens to feed Elijah in his time of need. 


If you or someone in your family is interested in pursuing a church related vocation at a synodical university, be sure to pick up an application for a scholarship sponsored by our congregation. The amount awarded will be determined by the Scholarship Committee. The application deadline is

Monday, August 14, so stop by the Church Office soon for an application.



As God’s family, it is important that we know and support one another as the body of Christ. “Around-The-Table” is a new activity we are introducing to strengthen the relationships in our congregation. If you choose to participate, you will be assigned to a small group of 3-6 families/people, and you will get together in that small group to have a meal and get to know one another. The setting is informal, and it is up to the group to find a time and place to meet together for a meal once each month over September, October and November. If you are interested in being part of this please sign-up on the sheet near the entry, or sign-up online at via the link on St. John’s facebook page: 


We need all registrations by Wednesday August 30. You will receive an email telling you the members of your group by September 5th.



Service                                              Attendance

6:30 PM                                              47

8:00 AM                                             82

9:30 AM                                              117

11:00 AM                                            95

TOTAL                                  341