Rev. Kurt’s Korner

Thought of the day:  From Pastor Mews

Fight the good fight with all your might, Christ is your strength and Christ your right.  Lay hold on life and it shall be your joy and crown eternally!” LSB #664.


According to the news, the peak of our COVID 19 epidemic might not be until 2 weeks from now.   At SJL, we postponed all services through Easter Sunday.  The was a jolting punch to take.  In perspective that may be much less painful than what thousands of other people are enduring throughout our state, nation and world.   That means that at the earliest we may be looking until May 1 before we can resume any sort of normalcy of life.  Those fighting the hardest are on the front lines; nurses, doctors., those in the medical field. We can also add others in the fight ring; truck drivers, store employees, scientists, the unemployed and those most vulnerable.  The list of those fighting the good fight is almost limitless.  Yet God clangs the bell in our ring and turns our heads sharing that He is always in our corner.

Christ fought the good fight for us.  Becoming man, He lived a perfect life of servant hood and laid His life down for us.  He fought off the temptation of Satan who desired for Him to avoid dying for all sins.  Jesus, as true man faced the agony of a painful, humiliating death.  Jesus as true God knocked out sin, death and the devil, and is declared the champion for all who sits at the right hand of the Father.  Christ now pleads for us, prays for us, guards us from all evil.  His triumph means our eternal victory, we can wear “The belt of salvation” won by Him.   

Fighting the good fight right now means for us inconvenience as we are now being asked to self isolate until April 30 at the earliest.   Fighting the good fight for many may mean the pain of unemployment and dealing with bills.  For many its slowing down from an over booked life.   For others it’s the pain of fear of how far this epidemic may reach. For increasing numbers it’s dealing with this disease, or mourning the loss of a loved one.  For us believers fighting the good fight is that in spite of a world that for the first time seems uncertain and scary in contrast to a world that is absorbed in a plush life of delightful extras.  For us children of God, we fight the good fight as we love others around us in real and practical ways.   The good fight is won as we are willing to “speak the truth in love,” to a some in a culture’ that may question, “Why does God allow this to happen?” Or “Where is your God now?” We fight the good fight as we endure as prized fighters dealing with the effects of a fallen world, yet our hope and eyes are on Christ, our champion, who holds all fields victorious.  ‘Go in peace and serve the Lord!’  Pastor Luhring and Pastor Mews, SJL’s pastors. 

Prayer, “Dear God,  grant us to ‘faint not or fear, Your arms are near, You change not who hold us dear, grant us to believe and we will see, that Christ is all eternally.’  In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen.”